May 22, 2025 9:00 AM

An invitation to textile/fibre artists around South Africa to participate in annual exhibitions.

Overlooked by the Compassberg, Nieu Bethesda lies in a fertile valley lined by hills on either side.
Home to a growing number of artists, crafters and other creatives, it’s also home to Helen Martins’ Owl House and Camel Yard.
A host of other activities make Nieu Bethesda a preferred destination to unwind.

Since 2019 the Nieu Bethesda Pumpelooza was also celebrated with a textile art exhibition during the Easter weekend.
In 2023 the exhibition coincided with the annual Stoeptasting Wine Weekend in Nieu Bethesda.

The next Textile/Fibre Art exhibition will take place in 2025.
More info and dates to be confirmed closer to the time..

Some images of entries into “Taste the Karoo” – 2023
Some images of entries into “Colour the Karoo” – 2022
Some images of entries into “When it rains in the Karoo” – 2021
Some images of entries “Harvest in the Karoo” – 2020
Some images of entries into “Pumpkin on the roof” – 2019

Event Types:

Textile/Fibre Art Exhibition