December 10, 2025

A unique biennial exhibition of quilts and textile/fibre art pieces in a church building more than 140 years old!

Planning a trip down south or up north on the N9 during the December holidays?
Why not turn off to Nieu Bethesda (between Graaff Reinet and Middelburg) for Quilts in a Church!

Nestled below the Compassberg, Nieu Bethesda is an oasis in the arid Karoo.  Well known for the Owl House, this village also boasts a few art galleries, restaurants, fossils expeditions and donkey cart rides! 
Also in town, is a beautiful Dutch Reformed Church building, with the congregation who celebrated its 140th birthday in 2018.

The Dutch Reformed Church Nieu Bethesda still have services on Sunday mornings and every year the original acetylene gas lamps is used for their Christmas Carols. For the first time in its history, the building hosted a quilt exhibition in December 2019!

Quilts in a Church 2023 took place from 13 to 16 December.

Three satellite exhibitions were also on display:
* the 12th SAQG Travelling Exhibition “A Stitch in Time”
* “Stories” by TAPE (Textile Artists PE)
* “Reimagine” by FAB (Fibre Artists of the Bay)

The next Quilt in a Church will take place in December 2025. More info and dates to be confirmed closer to the time..

Some images from Quilts in a Church 2023

Some images from Quilts in a Church 2021
Some images from Quilts in a Church 2019

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Quilts in a Church