I am a passionate quilter and textile enthusiast.
My creative journey took me from the art of quiltmaking to discovering
different stitching techniques and how to apply that to textile/fibre art pieces.


We host workshops, courses and events on a regular basis in interesting venues like for example
Nieu Bethesda in the Karoo.
You can look forward to attending events with charming names like Creative Karoo, Quilts in a Church,
Art Quilt Retreat and many more.


Antoinette is passionate about the art of quilt making and loves to share with anybody who wants to learn!
She has been teaching since 2004, and is a SAQG accredited quilt teacher and quilt judge. 
She finds great satisfaction in empowering the student to create a quilt of her own with confidence

Recent Happenings

A unique pairing of six art quilts with six prizewinning wines from Montpellier de Tulbagh! This inaugural event took place during the Stoep Tasting even in May 2023 in the Cellar of Bruno's at the Bethesda in Nieu Bethesda. Six quilt artists were invited to participate. Each chose and received a specific wine from Montpellier to use as inspiration to create their unique textile art piece. As the guests tasted each wine, they were challenged to pair a quilt with that wine. Click on any of the images on the right for all the information.

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